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The new artistic collaboration Maarja Nuut & Ruum operate in an interzone between light and shadow, connecting the intuitive worldview of days past with the technologies that still lie ahead of us. The enigmatic duo synthesise the soul of things; past present and future.

The duo’s first album "Muunduja" (Shifter) will be released in October 2018, on the UK label 130701


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Maarja Nuut is a violinist and singer from Northern Estonia. Her music creates an intricate layered soundscape in a space where minimalism and experimental sounds meet the musical traditions of long-lived times.

With her voice, violin and loop station, Maarja searches for a lively and relaxed state that "gives rise to music and makes me want to prolong being in the moment while altering ways of seeing, hearing and perceiving. It is always “now” and old tunes are as fresh as improvisations which were born a second ago”. Thus she creates a quirky sound world that seems to be out of a Baltic fairy tale book, firmly rooted in village traditions and yet completely contemporary. 

The award-winning artist has toured the USA, Canada and Europe. Maarja has been selected to play at various important showcase festivals such as WOMEX, Eurosonic Noordeslag, globalFest etc. Her second album, ‘Une meeles’, was released internationally on June 3 2016 and generated a buzz in Europe including many glowing reviews.

Bookings in Estonia
Linda Liis Eek

Bookings in Australia
Jordan Verzar, Top Shelf Productions
Bookings in Europe 
Michael Winkler, F-Cat Productions
Tel: +49-(0)30 26 103 29 20

Bookings in the Netherlands
Marije van Veen, Hot Topic
+316 1346 9615


Maarja Nuut & Ruum operate in an interzone between light and shadow, connecting the intuitive worldview of days past with the technologies that still lie ahead of us. The enigmatic duo synthesise the soul of things; past present and future.

The duo’s first album MUUNDUJA (Shifter) will be released in October of 2018, on the UK’s 130701 label.

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Maarja Nuut’s album UNE MEELES (In the Hold of a Dream) explores the boundary between reality and dreams. “For me, music and the images and stories hidden in it offer an opportunity to travel from one reality to another, visit a place where everything is possible,” she explains. "I clearly remember the times when I’ve had lucid dreams. It is an experience where the reality and imagination get mixed up and you can choose where, how and in which direction you move. You are away but very much present at the same time.”

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02 Nov 2018
Augsburg, AU  
30 Sep 2018
Abdij Keizersberg: Maarja Nuut & Ruum  
Leuven, BE  
01 Sep 2018
Wesel, DE  
13 Dec 2018
Hamburg, DE  
15 Dec 2018
Berlin, DE  
28 Jul 2018
Viljandi, EE  
03 Aug 2018
Põlva, EE  
12 Oct 2018
Caen, FR  
13 Oct 2018
MN & Ruum + Orchestre Reg. de Normandie  
Cherbourg, FR  
23 Sep 2018
Bustapest, HU  
14 Dec 2018
Kiel, DE  
21 Jul 2018
Bussum, NL  
28 Sep 2018
TBA: Maarja Nuut & Ruum  
Rotterdam, NL  
12 Feb 2016
Chapter Arts Centre  
Wales / UK  
20 Feb 2016
Folk Alliance International  
Kansas City / USA  
01 Apr 2016
Mustpeade Maja / Tallinn, EE  
02 Apr 2016
Vaba Lava / Tallinn, EE  
21 Apr 2016
Pärimusmuusika Ait / Viljandi. EE  
01 May 2016
Vaba Lava / Tallinn, EE  
13 May 2016
Erinevate Tubade klubi / Tallinn,  
08 Jun 2016
London, UK  
30 Jun 2016
Kuhmo, FI  
01 Jul 2016
Berlin, DE  
03 Jul 2016
Binzen, DE  
04 Jul 2016
Murg-Oberhof, DE  
05 Jul 2016
Saint-Louis, FR  
07 Jul 2016
Malmö, SE  
08 Jul 2016
Liestal, CH  
10 Jul 2016
Lörrach-Brombach, DE  
13 Jul 2016
Viljandi, EE  
20 Jul 2016
London, UK  
28 Jul 2016
Viljandi, EE  
29 Jul 2016
Viljandi, EE  
30 Jul 2016
Würzburg, DE  
14 Aug 2016
Lublin, PL  
20 Aug 2016
Tallinn, EE  
24 Aug 2016
Zürich, CH  
24 Aug 2016
Tallinn, EE  
10 Sep 2016
Catania (more details tba)  
Sicily, IT  
11 Sep 2016
Palermo, IT  
14 Sep 2016
Vic, ES  
16 Sep 2016
Tenerife, ES  
23 Sep 2016
Halifax, CA  
24 Sep 2016
Halifax, CA  
25 Sep 2016
Halifax, CA  
29 Sep 2016
Minneapolis, MN  
01 Oct 2016
New York, NY  
02 Oct 2016
East Meredith, NY  
22 Oct 2016
Salzburg, AT  
23 Oct 2016
Salzburg, AT  
28 Oct 2016
Tallinn, EE  
02 Nov 2016
New York, NY  
04 Nov 2016
Eesti päevad Gruusias  
Tbilisi, GE  
11 Nov 2016
Utrecht, NL  
13 Nov 2016
Berlin, DE  
19 Nov 2016
Caen, FR  
27 Nov 2016
London, UK  
20 Dec 2016
Madrid, ES  
08 Jan 2017
New York (NY), US  
09 Jan 2017
New York (NY), US  
21 Jan 2017
Tallinn, EE  
26 Jan 2017
San Diego, US  
29 Jan 2017
Baltimore (MD), US  
02 Feb 2017
Arlington (VA), US  
03 Feb 2017
Cedar Rapids (IA), US  
04 Feb 2017
Madison (WI), US  
14 Feb 2017
Tartu, EE  
11 Mar 2017
Nantes, FR  
14 Mar 2017
Zurich, CH  
15 Mar 2017
Bern, CH  
17 Mar 2017
Marseille, FR  
30 Mar 2017
Tallinn, EE  
31 Mar 2017
Tallinn, EE  
05 Apr 2017
Vienna, AT  
12 Apr 2017
Helsniki, FI  
21 Apr 2017
Copenhagen, DK  
22 Apr 2017
Tallinn, EE  
26 Apr 2017
Tartu, EE  
30 Apr 2017
Dublin, IE  
03 May 2017
Linz, AT  
04 May 2017
Langenau, DE  
12 May 2017
Cardiff, UK  
13 May 2017
Leeds, UK  
15 May 2017
Norwich, UK  
16 May 2017
London, UK  
18 May 2017
Rotterdam, NL  
19 May 2017
Southampton, UK  
20 May 2017
Bristol, UK  
21 May 2017
Morecambe, UK  
27 May 2017
Skopje, MK  
02 Jun 2017
Tallinn, EE  
03 Jun 2017
Nijmegen, NL  
07 Jun 2017
Tampere, FI  
15 Jun 2017
Hannover, DE  
17 Jun 2017
Värska, EE  
09 Jul 2017
Schwerin, DE  
15 Jul 2017
Milan, IT  
18 Jul 2017
Avignon, FR  
21 Jul 2017
Saku, EE  
22 Jul 2017
Hiiumaa, EE  
24 Jul 2017
Huesca, ES  
27 Jul 2017
Viljandi, EE  
28 Jul 2017
Malmesbury, UK  
29 Jul 2017
Raahe, FI  
05 Aug 2017
Vändra, EE  
11 Aug 2017
Innsbruck, AT  
12 Aug 2017
15 Aug 2017
Jena, DE  
16 Aug 2017
Bielefeld, DE  
20 Sep 2017
Tallinn, EE  
28 Sep 2017
Düsseldorf, DE  
30 Sep 2017
St. Petersburg, RU  
08 Oct 2017
Cesis, LV  
12 Oct 2017
Thessaloniki, GR  
14 Oct 2017
Cholet, FR  
19 Oct 2017
Brussles, BE  
21 Oct 2017
Whitby, UK  
26 Oct 2017
Tilburg, NL  
27 Oct 2017
Rotterdam, NL  
02 Nov 2017
Import Export  
Munich, DE  
03 Nov 2017
Anche Cinema Royal  
Bari, IT  
05 Nov 2017
Oslo, NO  
06 Dec 2017
Istanbul, TR  
30 Dec 2017
Pärnu, EE  
01 Jan 2018
Tallinn, EE  
09 Jan 2018
Sydney, AU  
10 Jan 2018
Sydney, AU  
11 Jan 2018
Sydney, AU  
16 Jan 2018
Philarmonie Luxembourg  
Luxembourg, LU  
17 Jan 2018
Luxembourg, LU  
26 Jan 2018
Turnhout, BE  
27 Jan 2018
De Warande  
Turnhout, BE  
16 Feb 2018
Berlin, DE  
24 Feb 2018
Wroclaw, PL  
08 Mar 2018
Biel, CH  
09 Mar 2018
Bludenz, AT  
10 Mar 2018
Zürich, CH  
20 Mar 2018
Ljubljana, SO  
21 Mar 2018
Dublin, IE  
03 Apr 2018
Vancouver, CA  
07 Apr 2018
Montreal, CA  
08 Apr 2018
Quebec, CA  
09 Apr 2018
Ottawa, CA  
12 Apr 2018
Stans, CH  
15 Apr 2018
Jerusalem, PNA  
20 Apr 2018
Dahrya, PNA  
20 Apr 2018
Hebron, PNA  
21 Apr 2018
Rashayda, PNA  
12 May 2018
Berlin, DE  
26 May 2018
Toronto, CA  
05 Jul 2018
Gdansk, PL  
06 Jul 2018
Rudolstadt, DE  
07 Jul 2018
Rudolstadt, DE  
21 Jul 2018
Bussum, NL  
28 Jul 2018
Viljandi, EE  
03 Aug 2018
Põlva, EE  
01 Sep 2018
Wesel, DE  
23 Sep 2018
Bustapest, HU  
28 Sep 2018
TBA: Maarja Nuut & Ruum  
Rotterdam, NL  
30 Sep 2018
Abdij Keizersberg: Maarja Nuut & Ruum  
Leuven, BE  
12 Oct 2018
Caen, FR  
13 Oct 2018
MN & Ruum + Orchestre Reg. de Normandie  
Cherbourg, FR  
02 Nov 2018
Augsburg, AU  
13 Dec 2018
Hamburg, DE  
14 Dec 2018
Kiel, DE  
15 Dec 2018
Berlin, DE  
“ … that's what it sounds like when the snow sings.”
Simon Le Bon
The magic is in the shadows - John Robb is enchanted by the magical folk stories and fiddle playing of Estonia’s Maarja Nuut
John Robb
"Maarja Nuut – just wow. She's definitely something else. A lighthouse of sincerity and weirdness (in a positive way) in today's stormy musical waters quite often populated by lukewarm ""me too"" acts. What an amazing talent.“
Ramunas Zilnys, Lietuvos Rytas
"It would be churlish to miss out on reporting, or raving about, what a phenomenal artist Maarja Nuut is. /--/ Direct yet totally tessellate; sounds from the back of beyond that threaten to trip you over the edge. /--/ There’s a touristy pub in Tallinn centre called Hell Hunt that boasts a painting above the door showing a naked girl, eyes shut and smiling, riding on the back of a grinning wolf. That’s what her music sounds like.”
The Quietus
"Maarja Nuut – she's amazing, an entrancing performer totally in control of what she does and making something that is both rooted in Estonian culture / traditions, whilst also pushing somewhere new and feeling very contemporary.“
David Howell, Fatcat Records 
"Maarja Nuut, a singer and violinist from Estonia, used loops and electronics to build austere, minimalist grids, with traditional-sounding waltzes and polkas floating in them like ghostly memories."
The New York Times
“A simple image of a woman, dark clad and alone with microphone, two fiddles and the ubiquitous loop pedal. That was more than enough for Maarja Nuut to build a spellbinding set combining traditional music, songs, stories and dance. Her poise and grace as performer were enhanced by impeccable English and fine judgement in using the electronics. It was a remarkable blend of ancient and modern in the hands of a skilled performer.”
Tony Benjamin
“Damn, girl, you got us all emotional. Nuut is effortlessly unique, a folk singer from Estonia who tells lengthy folk tales from the homeland, fiddles, loops, dances, adds percussion with her feet while dancing and sings so beautifully that nearby songbirds must shake their heads and just close up their nests. “That’s it guys, time to move on, the gig’s up.”
Si Hawkins, Clash Magazine
“ … a striking solo violinist rooted in local folk but taking it closer to the psychedelic. A transfixing performance.”
Mojo / The Arts Desk
"Maarja Nuut layers vocals and fiddles in tunes drawing from traditional tunes but utterly modern"
Bill Bragin
“Extremely personal and different. An elegant and in some ways very “hushed” mix of deep roots in folk(lore) and in modern electronic music relating to drone / ambient.”
Jan Sneum, Danish DR
“Maarja Nuut found the seam between dada and Baltic folk, her gorgeous songs riven with bizarre allegorical interludes and click-clacking horse noises."
"What she is doing is much more than ‘translating’ ancient and archaic sources into a present day expressive idiom. She evidently has strong imaginational capacities to reach deeply into magical mystical realms and invoke those by her magnificent choice of expressive means and extraordinary dynamics to get it work concomitantly in her performance. She is not only unique in the way accomplishing this. She is a rare example of a young artist making all senses work together with a deep impact on audience’s perception and emotion as indicated above."
"There is something incredibly fleeting about her sound that is also incredibly moreish. Talk about ghostly reserve… Once sucked in you become aware of a restless and inquisitive intelligence using a template so transitory, so zephyr-like, that you could miss it if you turn away."
All Things Loud
"Estonian violinist Maarja Nuut and electronics man Hendrik Kaljujärv blend folk, loops and primeval forest chill to enticingly mysterious effect."
"Absolute knockout."
The Vinyl District
"Maarja Nuut makes utterly compelling, hypnotic music in the simplest of
ways /--/ Une Meeles feels like everything and nothing."
Richard James Foster, The Quietus
"Nuut is a fearless explorer. She has delved to depths previously unknown, and emerged with treasures beyond your wildest dreams. /--/ It's modern in the sense that no one has ever done something like this before, this is new music, and timeless because it feels like it's been around forever.”
Nitelife Magazine
“This is music unsullied by trends, unaffected by anything but the artist’s vision and depth.”
Big Takeover
"Estonian singer/violinist Maarja Nuut operates at the point where traditional folk meets contemporary classical music, applying hypnotic, minimalist modes to rustic tales of birds and horses."
The Independent
".. dangerously beautiful..”
The Line of Best Fit
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Maarja Nuut & Ruum - Live Concert Teaser 2018


Maarja Nuut & Ruum - Live Concert Teaser 2016




Photos by Kaupo Kikkas, Renee Altrov & Maarja Urb

Une meeles {2016}


During the period 26.02.2018-30.04.2019, EstTradMusic LLC receives support from the European Union Regional Development Fund’s project “Developing export activities in the creative industry”. The aim of the project is to develop export activities of the artist Maarja Nuut & Ruum during 2018-2019.

The artist received a grant of 49 984.20 euros.

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