Maarja nuut & ruum - Muunduja

Estonian duo Maarja Nuut & Ruum operate in a musical interzone; connecting the deep-rooted, intuitive worldview of days past with the hyper-mediated realities and seemingly limitless technological possibilities of the present and future.

Maarja Nuut is a singer and violinist: and an utterly compelling, often hypnotic performer. Her unique sound and vision, one that readily crosses genre borders, can be seen as an agent of change in the wider folk, world music and related classical scenes. Born in Rakvere, a small town in northern Estonia, Maarja has studied classical and folk music extensively, including violin and Hindustani music under the tutelage of Dutch-born, Delhi-based cellist Saskia Rao de Haas.

Born in Tartu, Estonia, Hendrik Kaljujarv (aka Ruum) started making electronic music at the age of 15. Although drawn to analogue instruments (including old Soviet synths), he also utilises digital synths and environmental recordings, as both inspiration and source material. Kaljujarv has no academic training. Rather, his expertise in creating soundscapes was forged in Tallinn's avant-garde theatre NO99; where he worked as a sound engineer and designer.

Together they have now released 'Muunduja' from Fatcat Record's imprint 130701.

Tour dates
02 DEC 2018                                                             LEXINGTON      LONDON, UK    
03 DEC 2018                                                             SAGE GATESHEAD     GATESHEAD, UK  
04 DEC 2018                                                             NORWICH ART CENTRE     NORWICH, UK  
09 DEC 2018                                                             PALAC AKROPOLIS     PRAGUE, CHE  
10 DEC 2018                                                              EINSTEIN KULTUR   MUNICH, DE
11 DEC 2018                                                                WOHNGEMEINSCHAFT THEATER      COLOGNE, DE    
12 DEC 2018                                                                 HORNS ERBEN      LEIPZIG, DE  
13 DEC 2018                                                                ELBPHILHARMONIE       HAMBURG, DE    
14 DEC 2018                                                                LUTTERBEKER     KIEL, DE    
15 DEC 2018                                                                 KANTINE AM BERGHAIN     BERLIN, DE  
16 DEC 2018                                                                SCHLACHTHOF      WIESBADEN, DE      
16 JAN 2019                                                                 EUROSONIC NOORDERSLAG  
20 JAN 2019                                                              CELTIC CONNECTIONS