Maarja Nuut

maarja nuut solo

a solo performance with voice, violin, story-telling, modular synthesisers and found sounds. listen here.

maarja nuut & ruum

there’s a rare symbiosis at work between Maarja Nuut and Hendrik Kaljujärv (AKA Ruum). born out of a series of phone conversations in 2016, the duo – Nuut, an acclaimed singer, violinist, and composer, and Kaljujärv, a self-taught sound engineer and designer who composes in the digital and analogue realms – felt an instant connection. while exploring new musical territory and carving out new forms of expression, that initial creative spark has been fanned to produce two entrancing, gloriously transcendent records and a mesmerising live show. listen here.

maarja nuut & sun araw

brought together by Tallinn’s IDA Radio under the umbrella of a 10-day sound residency in magnificent Narva Art Residency on the border of Estonia & Russia, Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw set up their gear to jump head first into unknown territory of live-improvisation. listen here.